Connect by land, sea or air.

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Halland is a logistic heart with well developed connections both by land, sea and air. In 2021 Halland was awarded the Swedish Government´s award as the Swedish Export Region of the Year.

By Land …

A well-developed rail and road network with toll-free highways gives swift and easy access to Scandinavia, Northern Europe and the Baltic Region.

By Sea …

Port of Halland is one of the ten largest ports in Sweden. It functions as a modern logistics company with full service ports in both Halmstad and Varberg. Together the ports offer limitless opportunities both in traditional port services and complete logistics solutions with direct connection to the railway and motorway.

By Air …

At Halmstad City Airport, a large number of arrivals and departures take place every week. On weekdays there are 3 – 5  flights to Stockholm and from Bromma Airport take place every week. The 60-minute short journey makes it easy to get to and from Stockholm during the day. Halmstad City Airport also operates charter flights to Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Rhodes and Turkey.

Halland is a unique region when it comes to entrepreneurship and small business and that is something that bring effect to the region´s exports.

Winning motivation, Swedish Export Region of the Year

Erik-Wilhelm Graef Behm