Digital Technology


In Halland you will discover great opportunities in the field of intelligent systems, several innovative companies and a leading position within the areas of service design, usability, AR, VR, cyber and information security.

Opportunities in Halland:

  • Halland has close to capital, collaboration networks and expertise. The possibilities to realize and test innovative ideas and get Go-To-Market support for new services are easily accessible.
  • Active investor networks with a focus on finding the next tech- and growth start-up.
  • Ready set programs to support established companies and organizations with innovative digital services, for example H5 carve out program.
  • Growth focus through the work of Invest in Halland together with active, entrepreneurial and solution-oriented business offices of the municipalities.
  • University of Halmstad focus on both edge research and technical application enabling innovative collaboration in the forefront between private and public sector.
  • Emerging innovative environments with focus on pilots and testbeds that accelerate innovation.
  • Prosperous businesses, for example within manufacturing, with a need for all competencies within the technical/digital value-chain.

Ways to engage, invest or establish in Halland

  • Academy – work and explore together with the University of Halmstad.
  • Join clusters in the forefront within Security, IoT and AI. Halland has IT clusters in the forefront of vital tech areas for any digital company.
  • Incubators – match with the right tech skill to set up or innovate your company. High 5 in Halmstad offers the possibility to spin-off and design your future business ideas.
  • Invest in or acquire innovative companies in Halland. Co-invest with local investors/business angles or corporate investors such as Almi Invest.
  • Engage and provide service and products to private and public sector plus Academia.
  • Follow Consid, Jayway and many more good examples or collaborate directly with the region within specialization areas, pilot projects or testbeds.

Want to talk about possibilities in Halland? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Erik-Wilhelm Graef Behm