Digital Technology


In Halland you will discover great opportunities in the field of intelligent systems, several innovative companies and a leading position within the areas of service design, usability, AR, VR, cyber and information security.

Opportunities in Halland:

  • Halland has close to capital, collaboration networks and expertise. The possibilities to realize and test innovative ideas and get Go-To-Market support for new services are easily accessible.
  • Active investor networks with a focus on finding the next tech- and growth start-up.
  • Ready set programs to support established companies and organizations with innovative digital services, for example H5 carve out program.
  • Growth focus through the work of Invest in Halland together with active, entrepreneurial and solutionoriented business offices of the municipalities.
  • University of Halmstad focus on both edge research and technical application enabling innovative collaboration in the forefront between private and public sector.
  • Emerging innovative environments with focus on pilots and testbeds that accelerate innovation.
  • Prosperous businesses, for example within manufacturing, with a need for all competencies within the technical/digital value-chain.

Ways to engage, invest or erstablish in Halland.

  • Academy – work and explore together with the University of Halmstad.
  • Join clusters in the forefront within Security, IoT and AI. Halland has IT clusters in the forefront of vital tech areas for any digital company.
  • Incubators – match with the right tech skill to set up or innovate your company. High 5 in Halmstad offers the possibility to spin-off and design your future business ideas.
  • Invest in or acquire innovative companies in Halland. Co-invest with local investors/business angles or corporate investors such as Almi Invest.
  • Engage and provide service and products to private and public sector plus Academia.
  • Follow Consid, Jayway and many more good examples or collaborate directly with the region within specialization areas, pilot projects or testbeds.
Erik-Wilhelm Graef Behm