Key Areas

Discover your opportunities in Halland

A Business Community Bursting With Innovation

Halland is one of the most entrepreneurial counties in Sweden. The business community is bursting with innovation, knowledge and close collaboration. However, there are certain key industries with extra potential of making global impact.

Connected Health

Want to pioneer the future of healthcare? In Halland we have a special focus on Connected Health and innovative solutions that lead to better healthcare and higher efficiency within the sector.

Connected Health Halland

Future Food

The unsung hero of the Swedish food system. In Halland  you will discover a genuine and award-winning food culture as well as a long tradition of agriculture and food production. And as new and innovative production methods and ingredients are constantly being refined the start-up and scale-up scene in Halland is rapidly growing.

Digital Technology

Looking for new business opportunities and investments within digital technologies? In Halland there is a natural focus on innovation, AI, IoT and Cyber Security.  Halmstad University contribute to a strong start up arena with international success and there are several clusters at the forefront of different tech areas.


Smart Solutions

In Halland, nature is always around the corner and as a result, sustainability is close to our hearts. Discover the potential to work with everything from a progressive forest- and wood processing industry to companies focusing on innovative manufacturing and recycling.