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In Halland  you will discover a genuine and award-winning food culture as well as a long tradition of agriculture and food production. As the food sector accounts for more than seven percent of the total employment in Halland, the potential and interest in developing food, drinks, meals and food experiences is huge.

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  • Of total employment within the food sector


  • Local innovation nodes


  • Arable Land

Food innovation

New and innovative production methods and ingredients are constantly being refined and the start-up and scale-up scene in Halland is rapidly growing. The agricultural tradition is beeing transformed  into new and innovative ways to optimize food production and refine traditional crops like oat and mushrooms into new and healthy food products.

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Blue Food potential!

Halland has excellent conditions for seaweed farming and great potential to develop an industry within Blue Food. Besides the 477 kilometers of coastal line you can benefit from a vibrant food culture and several innovative collaborations between academia, business and the public sector.

Blue food

In Halland you find many small, high quality farms and food producers, but also large, predominately family held food enterprises such as Wapnö and Berte Qvarn.

Join the food network in Halland!

Close collaboration and strong networks is part of the culture in Halland. There is an established long term vision to create the most vibrant food county in Sweden and also a more resilient and futureproof place with a vibrant agro and food ecosystem.

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Future Food in Halland

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