Future Food


A good life with food.

The food culture in Halland is constantly growing and developing. The agricultural tradition is beeing transformed  into new and innovative ways to optimize food production and refine traditional crops like oat and mushrooms into new and healthy food products.

Advantage Halland

  • Vibrant entrepreneurial environment with many high-quality small-scale producers, but also larger food enterprises.
  • Close collaboration and strong networks.
  • Advanced IT skills and strong culture of cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Strong local food system and awarded food culture.
  • Favourable conditions to create a “Blue Food Node”.

Food trends

  • Food as agent for health and sustainability.
  • A move towards new crops with higher value.
  • The farmer as planetary caretaker, with values such as carbon capture and biodiversity preservation to be monetized.
  • New value chains where information and data takes front seat and moves value and power away from the current physical value chain.
  • New food products based on deep science.


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