Future Food

Innovation & Opportunities

Explore some key areas in the future of food

Halland is a core development area for the next gen food system in Sweden and beyond. The food culture and tradition is in the DNA and is now beeing transformed  into new and innovative ways to optimize food production and refine traditional crops like oat and mushrooms into new and healthy food products. The start up scene is constantly growing.

Here are some trends and potential key areas for innovation and development of food.

Local Food and Sustainability

Halland, with its fertile lands and proximity to the sea, is well-suited for production of high-quality local food.

Food Tourism

Halland’s local food scene attract tourists interested in culinary experiences. Collaborations between local restaurants, farms, and food producers can help create unique food-related tourism opportunities, such as farm-to-table experiences, food festivals, and culinary workshops.

Innovative Food Products

The start-up and scale-up scene is rapidly growing with new and innovative production methods and ingredients such as alternative protein and blue food.

Food Tech & AgTech

Innovation in food technology and agricultural technology play a significant role. This might include precision agriculture techniques, smart farming practices, and advancements in food processing and packaging to extend shelf life and reduce food waste.

Collaborations & Networks

The formation of food networks and collaborations among local businesses, research institutions, and regional food associations can foster innovation. Such partnerships can lead to the development of new products, processes, and sustainable practices.

Culinary Education & Training

Investing in culinary education and training programs can help nurture local talent and create a skilled workforce within the food industry. This can further contribute to innovation in cooking techniques and cuisine.

Digitalization & E-commerce

The adoption of digital platforms for marketing and selling local food products can expand their reach beyond the region. E-commerce can connect consumers with local producers and enable direct-to-consumer sales.

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Ensuring food safety and maintaining high-quality standards will be crucial for the reputation of Halland’s food products. Investments in quality control and certification can support this aspect of future food development.


Some Food Trends

  • Food as agent for health and sustainability.
  • A move towards new crops with higher value.
  • The farmer as planetary caretaker, with values such as carbon capture and biodiversity preservation to be monetized.
  • New value chains where information and data takes front seat and moves value and power away from the current physical value chain.
  • New food products based on deep science.


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