Six unique holiday destinations in Halland.

Världsarvet Grimeton Radiostation

We know that Halland is the ultimate holiday destination, but there is so much more to experience. The business community is brimming with entrepreneurship, innovation, and opportunities. Here are some unique holiday tips that showcase different aspects of Halland’s business life. Feel free to click on the sights that might interest you.


Grimeton Radio World Heritage Site

Whether you’re interested in technology, history, or simply seeking an extraordinary experience, Grimeton Radio Station World Heritage Site is the destination for you! Make exciting discoveries at ground level or climb 127 meters and look out from the best place in the world for wireless communication. This unique place offers activities for the whole family.

Tjolöholm Castle

The foremost Arts and Crafts facility in the Nordic region and one of the country’s most remarkable buildings. The unique and beautiful surroundings are perfect for photography and film shoots. Recently, it was recognized as one of the ”Treasures of European Film Culture” by the European Film Academy.

Wapnö gård

An open farm with its own closed-loop system. You can visit Wapnö throughout the year and witness the milking process between 8-12 am. The farm shop offers a variety of delightful products made on-site.

Ästad Vineyard

One of Sweden’s largest vineyards, practising organic cultivation and producing KRAV-certified wines. It also features restaurants, hotels, conference rooms, and a unique Spa inspired by the surrounding nature reserves.

Laholm Drawing Museum

The only museum in the Nordic region dedicated to drawing art. Here, you can explore exhibitions showcasing works by both Nordic and international artists, as well as pieces from the museum’s own collection. The museum aims to highlight drawing as an art form and serve as a platform for both new trends and historical perspectives.

Bolmen Research Station

A research facility dedicated to studying water. The research primarily focuses on environmental monitoring, fisheries and fisheries management, water management projects, and the impact of climate change on the lake’s ecosystems. At Tiraholms Fisk, Sweden’s only inland seafood restaurant, you can indulge in a variety of fish sourced directly from the fresh waters of Bolmen.