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The Electronics Center in Halmstad was created by Halmstad University and the West Swedish business community to promote innovation, education and research in the field of electronics.

The Electronics Center in Halmstad (ECH) is, in addition to a collaboration arena for electronics development, also an EMC test chamber where companies can test their products for more efficient product development. ECH has a clear vision where academia, the public and private sectors form a regional knowledge and resource network. The network focuses on developing solutions to common technology challenges, with special emphasis on IoT and wireless communication. ECH enables practical collaboration, conducts teaching in electronics and supports research – all to promote the opportunities to create products and innovations for the future.

  • Practical collaboration with surrounding society and business to promote product development and innovations
  • Teach electronics with a focus on IoT and wireless communication
  • Support research on new methods and products based on embedded systems and wireless communication

Services available for companies:

  • EMC teststing (EMC is an abbreviation for electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Antenna characteristics
  • Contact with Halmstad University’s researchers within electronics
  • Collaboration with other electronics companies in the region
  • Possibilities to rent office space at ECH

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