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High Five – Science Park in Halmstad

HighFive is a regional, Halmstad based innovation arena, opportunity enabler and growth creator. Within High Five there are two incubators. One for sustainable, scalable growth companies and one that function as a project arena and meeting place for students.

The focus areas within High Five are data driven innovation, human centred AI and sustainability.


AI Sweden  – AI-node, Halland

With a pilot project in regions Västra Götaland and Halland, AI Sweden is addressing the AI needs in Swedish small and medium businesses (SMEs) that have not yet started their AI journey. A team of AI Change Agents dedicated to SMEs are currently supporting small and medium sized companies in their first steps on that transformation.

The goal is an initiated and strengthened transition to a sustainable and gender-equal, data- and AI driven business at 100 SMEs in Västra Götaland and Halland. It contributes directly to companies’ business development through increased digital transformation directly linked to their operations and thereby strengthened competitiveness in regional, national and international markets. It also provides an opportunity for companies to become more innovative and broaden their market.

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IT Halmstad – Network for talents

Network founded by a number of IT companies in Halmstad. The purpose is to match talent with the large recruitment needs generated by the strong growth within the IT- sector.

Examples of competence needed:

  • Developer: Full stack
  • Developer: Backend / cloud
  • Developer: Frontend / ux / design
  • Technician
  • Project manager
  • App developer
  • Tester

Techella – Network within tech

Techella is an independent network within tech that operates in the southwest of Sweden. The network aim towards professionals and students within the industry. The goal is to increase the proportion of girls applying for technical education and to get women to stay in the industry and to increase the proportion of women on tech boards.


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