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Academia & Research in Halland

Halmstad University

Adds value, drives innovation and prepares people and society for the future

Halmstad University is characterised by it´s forward-thinking and collaborative mentality. The research at Halmstad University is internationally renowned and is pursued in multidisciplinary innovation and research programs. The University take active part in the development of society through extensive and recognised collaboration with both the private and public sector.

Halmstad University conduct education and research within two focus areas, Health Innovation and Smart Cities and Communities, with a basis in three prominent doctoral education areas: Information Technology, Innovation Sciences, and Health and Lifestyle.

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Campus Varberg

Education on demand

Campus Varberg offer education on demand to business and society. Through collaboration with various colleges and universities as well as procurement of education providers for the polytechnic, Campus Varberg works to mediate knowledge. Campus Varberg is also a meeting place for many people; entrepreneurs, teachers and students, the general public and the business community. At Campus Varberg knowledge, ideas and thoughts are cross-fertilized with each other.

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