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Halmstad University

Halmstad University distinguishes itself through cutting-edge competence within AI and machine learning. The university conducts research on applied intelligent systems and information-driven care, among many other areas.

A large part of the University’s research is linked to the two university-wide, multidisciplinary focus areas Health Innovation and Smart Cities and Communities.

Focus area Health Innovation

Focus area Health Innovation is a focus area that brings together multidisciplinary research and education that is conducted in collaboration with business and public activities, to together create new innovative ways of working with the health challenges of the future.

Leap for life


CAISR health – Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research

Research Profile, Halmstad University

CAISR Health is a research profile within information driven care at Halmstad University, where research on the development of AI tools meet research on how these tools can be implemented in healthcare.

The availability of data is changing rapidly in healthcare. Descriptive data analytics and machine learning technologies will have a huge impact on healthcare operations in a near future. In Sweden, Region Halland was first to act on this and gather and successfully synchronize all their healthcare data and creating an organisation for using this data to improve healthcare operations. This has contributed to excellent results – over the last 4-5 years the healthcare system of Region Halland has shown a remarkable increase in efficiency while maintaining top level quality and access to care. Yet, there are challenges, and a key challenge is understanding implementation; what are best practices for creating impact with information-driven healthcare, to get solutions into the system and for changing how people work?

There are also opportunities. The development with information driven care opens international business opportunities. Digital services can be developed for an international market, not just the national, and skills and methods can be exported (and imported). Global business investments in healthcare and IT are therefore growing quickly.

Health Data Centre – Unlocking the potential AI for the benefit of patients and healthcare systems.

Research Centre, Halmstad University

The Health Data Centre (HDC) is a centre for research and analytics within health data and artificial intelligence. The focus is to develop the area of information driven care for improved healthcare delivery. HDC builds on a collaboration between Halmstad University, Region Halland and the healthcare technology company Hallandia V.

HDC is committed to:

  • Enable collaboration between experts across disciplines and organisations. Researchers – health organisations – companies.
  • Facilitate and provide a technical platform to retrieve, store and analyze health data in a safe environment.
  • Conduct research projects where AI is applied to health data for deeper insights to be used by healthcare organisations and companies.

Health data collected from patient care is very valuable when utilized efficiently. By taking advantage and learning from the data, healthcare organisations can act more proactive, fact based and health preventative. Healthcare staff and hospital managements can make more informed decisions. This will improve care for patients locally, nationally & globally and reduce the cost of care delivery. The data used in research projects at HDC is handled in a secure and confidential manner.

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The HINT-apartment at Halmstad University provides a realistic home environment for research studies and experiments.

HINT- A Home for Innovation

Realistic home environment for research and development

At Halmstad University there is an apartment called Halmstad Intelligent Home (HINT). It provides a realistic home environment for research studies and experiments to develop new innovations. An intelligent home is not just a resource for facilitating everyday life and for controlling simple functions such as lamps or home electronics. The technology can also be an important resource in healthcare. HINT is strongly linked to Leap for Life, Halland’s innovation centre for information driven care. The apartment is used for health innovation and is equipped with a variety of sensors that detect the activity in the room. The thermal cameras in the apartment can, for example, be used to analyse human behaviour and assist care providers during night-time.

Health Lab

Lab and learning Environment, Halmstad University

Health Lab is a dynamic lab and learning environment where theory and application is integrated through practice and simulation in profession-based environments. Health Lab offers space, concepts and technology to develop and test future working methods.