Center of Amazing Geography

A small region with great potential.

Welcome to the southwest coast of Sweden.

In Halland you enjoy nature and coastal living as well as excellent infrastructure and world-class transportation opportunities. The excellent location and easy access to railways, ports, airports and roads, links Scandinavia to northern Europe, and literally brings the world to your doorstep.

60 min

  • Halmstad – Stockholm


  • Connecting 5 international cities: Copenhagen, Oslo, Hamburg, Gothenburg, Malmoe

120 min

  • Halmstad – Copenhagen

Swedish Export Region of the Year!

In 2021 Halland was awarded the Swedish Government´s award as the Swedish Export Region of the Year.

A logistic heart.

Halland is positioned with an excellent geographic location that connect five international cities: Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Malmoe and Oslo.  The transportation opportunities are well-developed both by sea, land and air.

High sustainability factor.

  • Area: 5 427 km2
  • 52% Productive forest land
  • 19% Arable land
  • 190+ Nature & Cultural Reserves
  • 477 km Coastal line

The muncipalities – a map of opportunities.

Halland consists of six cooperating municipalities. Find out more about their individual strengths and characteristics.