Halland: On the threshold of an international market.

In Halland, you are literally on the threshold of an international market. The railway and motorway run through the landscape like a north-south pulse, and via the two international ports, a heavy amount of international trade is beeing made every day. In addition, effective support is offered for companies in Halland that want to grow internationally.

Port of Halland – One of the biggest ports in Sweden

As one of Sweden’s ten largest ports, Port of Halland is a modern logistics company. With operations in both Halmstad and Varberg, the company offers customized comprehensive solutions in the areas of port, terminal and transport services. Port of Halland is a leading actor within the areas of forest products, recycling, metals and car import, but the opportunities are greater than that. What do you want to send out into the world?

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Export centre west – all the experts gathered  in one place

Export centre West works to encourage and support companies in Halland that want to reach an international market. In collaboration with, for example, the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the Export Credit Board, they offer training courses and seminars and other things that equip entrepreneurs with important knowledge and experience to succeed in internationalization.

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Halland is the Swedish export region of the year 2021!

Halland was awarded as the winning region when Foreign Trade Minister Anna Hallberg, in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Daniel of Sweden, presented the Swedish government’s award, Export Region of the Year 2021.

Winning motivation:

Halland is a unique region when it comes to entrepreneurship and small business and that is something that bring effect the region’s exports. The region has many small and medium-sized enterprises in food, technology, healthcare, hygiene, design and music that, thanks to their timely support, have dared to enter the international market. Support from the public sector has been a strong contributor to give the entrepreneurs in Halland the skills, contacts and capital needed to make a successful export journey. It can be training courses, corporate networks or internationalization checks. The region is actively working on tools that strengthen entrepreneurs’ courage to move forward in their internationalisation process. Also, Hallands strengthened cooperation with Region Västra Götaland has added an extra dimension to the promotion and a qualified exchange of experience.

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The muncipalities in Halland – A map of opportunities.

Halland consists of six cooperating municipalities. Here are some individual strengths and characteristics that are good to know.


Kungsbacka is the northernmost muncipality in Halland.  The beautiful location with proximity to both nature and the big city contribute to a strong population growth and a prosperous business life.

In your free time you can enjoy a fantastic nature with everything from magical forests to vast heather moors and open sea. You can even choose between a sandy beach and rocks.

The population in Kungsbacka is well educated with special skills in IT, electronics manufacturing and agriculture.



Sweden’s most welcoming place according to Traveler Review award 2022, and also with one of the country’s best business climate. Here you can enjoy good locally produced food, beautiful nature and exciting contacts with other entrepreneurs in the business world.

Näringslivs- och destinationskontoret Varberg


Top ranked business climate and a perfect place to live.  Here you can enjoy good locally produced food and beautiful nature in combination with a strong business community and interesting innovation clusters.

Företagscenter Falkenberg


Swedish muncipality of the year 2021. A classic industrial municipality that has now changed and focuses on new innovative solutions – both in materials, production, hospitality and food. Named municipality of the year 2021.

Some interesting businesses in Hylte:

  • Stora Enzo
  • CE produkter
  • Nitator
  • Gnotec
  • Steadsand in the woods
  • Knystaforsen

Hylte Näringsliv & Arbete


Hallands city of residence and a growing and attractive municipality with over 100,000 inhabitants. In Halmstad you find Halmstad University, the county administrative board, the county hospital and the Armed Forces. The business climate has both edge and diversity. Halmstad University is located right outside the city and provide access to advanced knowledge and research as well as valuable collaborations within a range of different industries and knowledge clusters.

A combination of excellent logistics, university and attractive living conditions makes Halmstad a muncipality with exceptional opportunities for growth.

Företagsplatsen Halmstad


A business-friendly climate and a favourable geographical location with good communications in all directions are two characteristics that make Laholm an attractive place to establish for many small and medium-sized companies. If you also add Sweden’s longest sandy beach, deep forests and an old charming town centre with excellent salmon fishing in the river Lagan in the middle of town, it may not be difficult to understand why Laholm appeals to both companies and people.