Top quality living conditions

Between sea and land

A good life

Life in Halland is truly something extra. Besides a wide range of nature expriences and coastal environments the people in Halland enjoy easy access to world-class health care, excellent school systems and good housing situations.

The fact that the people in Halland have the longest life expectancy in Sweden might not come as a surprise.

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Top quality living conditions

  • Highest net immigration in Sweden
  • World class health care
  • Spectacular nature experiences
  • Vibrant food culture
  • Tourist rocket (fastest growing number of overnight stays in Sweden)
  • Excellent school system

Highest life expectancy in Sweden for over 20 years.

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477 kilometers of coastal line

Do you like the feeling of sand between your toes? Or do you you prefer the Swedish arcieplago? In Halland you can have both.